Archaeological Programme Open Day

Sunday 29 September 1.00pm - 3.00pm                               

Ground Floor Lab, Richardson Building


Archaeology is the study of the material evidence of the human past. This evidence can include:

  • Monumental structures like the ceremonial statues and platforms of Easter Island
  • Smaller portable artefacts such as pots and stone tools
  • The buried foundations of structures and
  • The remains of animals and plants used by ancient peoples

This research can contribute significantly to our knowledge of human origins, and the variety of societies and environments in the past.

The University of Otago Archaeology labs provides specialist services for post-excavation analysis including zooarchaeological analysis, artifact analysis, and collections management. they are designed for the efficient throughput of archaeological remains from initial processing to detailed post-excavation analysis. 

Come and explore the art and science of archaeology and learn about researchers’ recent Dental School excavations and various other fieldwork projects.